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Lillan’s charming wooden house was originally built as a nursing home for a maids in 1927. Over the years, the house was inhabited by a large number of women whose life’s work had been taking care of families.

Here’s probably the big secret of this house: A harmonious atmosphere that each of our guests can feel right at the moment of entry.

We Lillans have had the honor of receiving the inheritance given to us by this house and its former inhabitants. It is a mission for us and its keywords are thoughtfulness, care, good food and a uniquely beautiful milieu.

We have started the work with iron grips and golden gloves.

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Paula Pohjola Hotel manager Hotel Lillan

Lillan is experience for all senses

Lillan puutarha

Viinikka garden district invites to it’s charm

The Viinikka district is an area of charming wooden houses in the armpit of central Tampere. You can take a walk close to the shore of Lake Iidesjärvi, for example, and you are instantly on foot, by bike, in public or by car in the heart of the city center. The Viinikka Church is a prominent landmark next to the hotel.